Efficient Electrostatic Disinfection in San Diego

Ensure that your workspace is tidy, clean, and safe with the help of California Office Cleaning. Our specialist team performs electrostatic disinfection services across San Diego. We employ cutting-edge electrostatic technology to thoroughly disinfect every inch of your office or industrial space. Contact us for customized and detailed services and get the perks of a healthy and stimulating workplace.

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Keep safe with San Diego’s #1 electrostatic disinfection

Electrostatic disinfecting services have become a go-to anti-germ solution for San Diego commercial and industrial spaces. At California Office Cleaning, we operate high-tech devices and use trusted methods to give clients their peace of mind. Here is how we do it:

  • We avoid cross-contamination: The advanced technology we work with prevents pathogens from transferring between surfaces.
  • Our equipment is trustworthy and easy to use: Our hand-held spraying tools are fast and simple to operate.
  • The chemicals we apply are safe and effective: Our sprayers ensure full coverage with electrostatic droplets, which kill germs reliably while being absolutely harmless to you.
  • We allow for suitable dwell time: The technology we use is designed to expel particles of different sizes, in line with the length of their dwell time.
  • The process is kind to our planet: Electrostatic disinfection uses fewer chemicals, which makes it a greener option.

Why choose our electrostatic disinfection in San Diego

Your work environment has to be welcoming, neat, and secure above all else. There are many reasons to give a call to our sanitizing company and put us in charge of the disinfection of your space:

Maximum efficiency

We apply tried-and-tested disinfectants using efficient sprayer devices to eliminate all traces of germs.

Absolutely safe

Your safety is our top concern, which is why all of the chemicals we use are EPA-approved.

Fast to apply

Our experts can cover your whole space quickly because a little bit of our efficient chemicals goes a long way.

Advanced tools

Our devices are made in line with the latest developments in the growing field of electrostatic disinfection.

Committed pros

Our team is motivated to assist fellow local businesses and ensure your complete protection.

Vetted employees

The cleaners we employ have all passed a stringent vetting process to show their expertise.

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  • Downtown San Diego
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  • Encinitas
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Expert electrostatic disinfection for a healthy workplace

Get rid of dangerous pathogens with the help of our fine-tuned disinfecting services in San Diego.

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What is electrostatic disinfection?


During the COVID pandemic, the interest in cleaning and disinfection services in San Diego has soared. 

Electrostatic disinfection has emerged as a trustworthy solution that can kill common pathogens that inhabit surfaces. It is a type of disinfecting service that involves using a specialized sprayer. The sprayer nozzle contains an electrode. When the sprayer is filled with a disinfectant solution, the disinfectant is positively charged. This solution is then dispersed onto your surfaces.

Does electrostatic disinfection work?


Electrostatic disinfection is successful at eliminating harmful germs and it has many advantages over typical spraying methods:

  • The disinfectant sticks to surfaces better because of the opposite electrical charges of the surface and the disinfectant
  • his method provides an easy and fast application, covering large areas at once
  • It is also known for offering full coverage, as it can often reach areas other disinfection methods could not. 
  • It is an eco-friendly disinfection technique because it uses up to 65% less disinfectant per square foot

If conducted by a reputable sanitizing company in San Diego, excellent results are guaranteed. Here at California Office Cleaning, our trained technicians will make sure that the whole disinfection process runs smoothly and gives you favorable results.

What chemicals are used in electrostatic disinfection?


An electrostatic disinfection sprayer can be used with a variety of disinfectant solutions. They should be EPA-approved for the elimination of certain viruses and bacteria. For example, if someone in San Diego is looking for COVID cleaning services specifically, they will need to make sure that their contractors use a disinfectant that targets the virus.

Is electrostatic disinfection safe?


If you keep searching for a “sanitizing company near me” but you’re still uneasy about introducing disinfecting chemicals into your space, don’t worry. Electrostatic disinfection is completely harmless both for the technicians and the people on the premises. For an additional layer of protection, you’ll usually need to wait for an hour or two before entering the area. This method is also gentle on sensitive materials, like upholstery or wood. 

We offer San Diego‘s efficient disinfecting services performed by licensed and trained professionals, so you don’t have to worry about safety even for a second.

How long does electrostatic cleaning last?


The duration of your electrostatic disinfection will depend on the size and type of your space as well as on whether the surfaces also need to be cleaned beforehand. A regularly maintained small office space will take significantly less time than a large, busy production facility. Every disinfectant needs a certain amount of dwell time to become fully effective. This needs to be taken into account as well.

Where can I find reliable electrostatic disinfection near me in San Diego?


Whenever you need safe and dependable electrostatic disinfection solutions, high-quality commercial cleaning in San Diego, detailed office cleaning services, or regular industrial facility maintenance, get in touch with California Office Cleaning. Our extensively trained employees can render meticulous cleaning services across the San Diego area, including:

Rest easy by getting your workspace healthy and disinfected. Reach out to us today – it’s simple and easy!

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