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Commercial cleaning in every shape and size in Kearny Mesa and beyond

The strict vetting process and commitment to quality work lie at the heart of our business philosophy, enabling us to deliver tailored commercial, janitorial and industrial cleaning services in response to your specific needs.

High Quality

Dedication to quality work has helped us grow into the company that we are today and we remain just as committed to this day.

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We use safe cleaning products because we care about the wellbeing of you and your employees as well as that of our own.

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Use our online portal to get in touch with us for last-minute changes, appointment cancelations, rescheduling and other updates.

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We offer flat-rate pricing and absolute transparency: no hidden costs, sneaky fees or unexpected charges.

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You want dependability, but don’t you also want flexibility? Booking flexibility is part of the deal.

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Owing to a strict vetting and selection process, we have built a strong team of responsible professionals.

Raising the standard of commercial cleanliness & hygiene

At California Office Cleaning, we offer a unique combination of cleaning and maintenance services to commercial property owners and managers in Kearny Mesa and other parts of the San Diego County region.

  • Our streamlined online portal is easily accessible: you can complete your reservation in as little as a minute, saving valuable time.
  • Fully vetted? Check. Licensed? Check? Insured? Check. Our employees are trained and experienced cleaning professionals you can absolutely trust.
  • Our cleaners have a thorough, no-nonsense approach and they will especially focus on high-touch surfaces and heavy foot traffic areas.
  • We offer an absolute satisfaction guarantee with every service. Not satisfied with the job we’ve done? Let us know within 24 hours and we’ll return to fix it!
  • Your payment is not due until we have received a positive feedback from you, letting us know you are completely satisfied with the service.

Your satisfaction proves we are on the right track

Your satisfaction is our number one priority because it lies at the core of our business. All our employees work hard to organize and execute all aspects of your commercial cleaning or janitorial service in Kearny Mesa to ensure your absolute satisfaction. But if you are unhappy, just say the word and we will have the matter fixed within 24 hours with a detailed reclean of the area in question.

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A comprehensive cleaning service for your office, commercial property, or industrial facility.

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What is included in commercial cleaning?


Commercial cleaning is a specialized cleaning service ideally intended for a wide range of commercial properties, such as office buildings, industrial facilities, etc. It includes large-scale cleaning projects which include a range of demanding cleaning tasks, such as upholstery and carpet cleaning, power washing, or window cleaning. 

Although commercial cleaning and janitorial service are not the same, they are closely related. Janitorial services focus on ongoing maintenance and upkeep of commercial facilities.

Commercial cleaning follows a customized cleaning schedule and action plan optimized for the client’s needs.  At California Office Cleaning, we can cater to janitorial service in Kearny Mesa and cleaning at your commercial property in the Convoy District in Kearny Mesa or cater to the cleaning and maintenance of your office building in Tierrasanta and other nearby communities

How much do commercial cleaning companies charge per hour?


The components of a commercial cleaning service depend on the type of your commercial property: cleaning a San Diego office building requires a slightly different approach than a spacious industrial facility cleaning does. 

We take pride in our quality work which has been our number one priority since day one and which has helped us grow into the competitive business that we are today. Currently, we are responsible for the regular cleaning and maintenance of over ½ million square feet of commercial space in Downtown San Diego and San Diego County.

How often should an office be cleaned?


The more foot traffic you get in your office, the more meticulous and frequent you want your cleaning routine to be. Most of our clients choose to have their recurring office cleaning service in Kearny Mesa and other neighborhoods of San Diego and the surrounding region performed on a weekly basis. Find out why we are currently responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of over 500.000 square feet of commercial space.

What kind of carpet cleaner do professionals use?


We offer full-service janitorial and commercial cleaning and maintenance, which means you can subscribe to a recurring commercial cleaning and maintenance service in Downtown or any other part of San Diego which can be upgraded, when and as needed, with specific, more demanding, and more detailed tasks such as window cleaning, pressure washing, and carpet cleaning.

When it comes to carpet cleaning, we use special products that are effective enough to make your carpet look new, but not aggressive enough to cause any damage. As a result, your carpet will not only be visibly clean and fresh, free of stains, dust, and germs, but also free of residue from dangerous chemicals.

How fast can I get a janitorial cleaning service in Kearny Mesa?


Whether you need us to clean a 50-employee office building in Carmel Valley on a weekly basis, perform the cleaning and maintenance of a 300-employee commercial complex in Mira Mesa or handle the cleaning of an industrial facility in Kearny Mesa, we have the capacity to do the job effectively and efficiently. We are the number one choice of commercial property owners, managers, and supervisors. 

Within our commercial and specialized industrial cleaning services, we offer office cleaning, facility cleaning, day porter services, carpet cleaning, pressure washing and window cleaning, as well as electrostatic disinfection services which few San Diego companies offer. Whether you need a reliable commercial cleaning provider in Mission Valley or janitorial service for your business in Kearny Mesa that can be customized as and when needed, we can deliver. 

Our commercial cleaning service is also available in Encinitas and other areas across San Diego County. We respect our employees and offer them competitive pay and other perks as a token of our genuine appreciation for all their hard work and for helping us remain a commercial cleaning industry leader in Kearny Mesa and other parts of San Diego and the surrounding areas. Book today to find out what we’re all about!

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